How to share tests for guest users

This article explains how to share tests for guest users.


As a Guest, you have session-level access to the application, which means that your profile will be deleted from the system after your session expires or you sign out. This temporary access allows you to use certain features of the application, but your permissions and capabilities may be limited compared to other users with more permanent roles.

The Guest role is typically created by the system and is intended for unauthorized users who need temporary access to the platform. It is important to note that the features and functions available to Guests may be configured differently than those available to other users, so you may not have access to all of the same features as other users.

Creating an online-proctored exam

To create an online-proctored exam, do the following:

  1. Select the Tests tab in the left-side menu,
  2. Select the New test tab.

  3. Go through the Test creation wizard and configure the test in the desired way. For more information on how to create a test, please read this article.

Creating a testing session

The test will be available for the guest users if it is defined at the session level. 

To create a testing session, do the following:

  1. Enter the name.
  2. Enter the availability dates.
  3. The guest user will be able to access the session if the Guest access permitted option is enabled.



If guest access is permitted, unauthorized users (guests) will be able to take a test or survey through the guest access link. When the user accesses the guest link, the new user profile will be automatically created and the user will be redirected to the test or survey. The user’s profile will be deleted when the user logs out or when the session expires.

Note: This option is not related to the Self-enrollment option, thus the Self-enrollment option doesn’t need to be enabled.


After creating the session, you will be provided with the link that will the guest users use to enter the test or survey. Select the More info option and click on the Guest link to copy it.


Guest user’s perspective of the test-taking process


After finishing the test, the guest user will be presented with a personal report.



After selecting Back to assignment, the guest users will be presented with the test/survey they are assigned to.


Admin’s perspective

The admin can preview the profile of the guest user by clicking on the username from the Candidates tab but won’t be able to change the information.




After the guest user logs out of the application, after refreshing the page, the guest user will automatically disappear from the Candidates tab.


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