How to rate the proctored test

The article explains how to create a proctored test, enable the manual rating of video recordings, and rate the test attempt.

To enable manual rating of the proctored test (i.e., request human review and grading of test-takers’ behavior during the exam), you must first enable proctoring mode as follows:

  1. Select the Tests tab in the left-side menu, select New test, and start the Test wizard.
  2. Reach the second step of the Test wizardSettings.
  3. Tick the box next to the Enable proctoring option.


Complete the other steps (optionally attach a certificate, choose the test creation method, and add questions). Then, in the sixth step, Grading:

  1. Check the Require positive proctoring report option.


After the test manager opens a video recording in a proctoring software and rates the test attempt, a proctored test report will be resolved. 

The proctoring software allows rating a test as positivenegative, or not rated status, and it generates a PDF report of the candidate’s behavior during the proctored test.

Note: If the Require positive proctoring report option is checked, the positive proctoring report will be required to pass the test. Otherwise, the test can not be graded positively.

Resolving the proctored test report #

To preview the recording of a proctored test, and resolve the test report, select the Tests tab in the left-side menu, select Manage tests and click on the name of the proctored test whose reports you want to rate.

  1. Then, navigate to the Monitoring tab.
  2. Choose the candidate whose attempt you want to review and rate.
  3. Click on the Camera icon to open the video recording and proctoring report.


Now you are redirected to the proctoring software. Then you can:

  1. Watch the recording of the whole test-taking process.
  2. Rate the proctored test session.
  3. Download a proctored report as a PDF file.

To rate the proctored test session, click the Rate button, and a pop-up window will be opened.



In the pop-up window, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Click the “Not rated” button to leave the proctored session unrated.
  2. Click the “Positive” button to rate the proctored session as positive (e.g., if the candidate behaved according to the defined rules and did not cheat).
  3. Click the “Negative” button to rate the proctored session as negative (e.g., if the candidate did not behave according to the defined rules and cheated on the exam).
  4. Optionally, enter your comment to justify the rate.
  5. Click the checkmark icon to save the changes.

Note: If a positive proctoring report is required, a session must be rated as Positive to pass the test. 

Once the proctored session is rated, you can export the report by clicking the PDF button.



Below you can preview the personal report from a test manager’s perspective and a candidate’s perspective.

The resolved personal report from the test manager’s perspective #


You can notice that the test result is Passed and that the Proctoring report conclusion is Positive.

The resolved personal report from the candidate’s perspective #


For a video tutorial on how to create and monitor proctored tests, please watch the video.

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