How to rate the proctored test

The article will explain the process of rating a proctored test. It explains the process of enabling the rating in the proctoring software during the test creation and rating the test attempt.

To enable the rating of the proctored test, first, you need to enable proctoring mode. To do so :

  1. Navigate the “Tests/New test” and start the quiz wizard.
  2. Reach step 2, “Settings.”
  3.  Select the “Proctoring mode” option.


  1. Reach step 6, “Grading.”
  2. Check the “Require positive proctoring report “ option.

After the test manager opens the recording in a proctoring software and rates the proctored test attempt, a proctored test report is resolved. The proctoring software allows rating a test as positive, negative, or not rated, and it creates a PDF report of taking a proctored test.

Note: If the “Require positive proctoring report” option is checked, the positive proctoring report will be required to pass the test. Otherwise, the test won’t be marked as a positive graded test.

Resolve the proctored test report

To preview the recording of a proctored test, and resolve the proctored test report, navigate the Tests/Manage tests, and do the following:

  1. Reach the “Monitoring” tab.
  2. Choose the candidate.
  3. Click the “Camera” icon.

When you click the “Camera” icon, it navigates the proctoring software. Then you can:

  1. Preview the test-taking process recording.
  2. Rate the proctored test session.
  3. Export the PDF report.

To rate the proctored test session, click the “Rate” button, which opens the pop-up window.

In the pop-up window, you can do the following actions:

  1. Click the “Not rated” button to leave the proctored session unrated.
  2. Click the “Positive” button to rate the proctored session as positive.
  3. Click the “Negative” button to rate the proctored session as negative.
  4. Enter your comment (optional).
  5. Click the “checkmark” icon to save the changes.

Note: In this case, rating a proctored session as “Positive” is obligatory to pass the test, so the other three options are not the choice you need.
You have now rated the proctored test session as positive, and you can export the PDF report. To do so, click the PDF button.

The next step is to preview the personal report from the perspective of a test manager and the perspective of a candidate.

The resolved personal report from the test manager perspective

proctored test

You can notice that the result of the test is “Passed” and that the Proctoring report conclusion is “Positive.”

The resolved personal report from the candidate’s perspective

For a video tutorial on how to create and monitor proctored tests, please watch the video.

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