How to upload questions with images to the pool

This article explains the process of uploading questions with images into the question pools. Currently, the system supports uploading images only through a .zip file.

To upload questions with images to the pool, navigate the Tests/ Question pool.




  1. Click the New button, and the pop-up window will show.
  2. Enter the pool name.
  3. Enter the pool description.
  4. Enter the external ID optionally.
  5. Click the Save button to create the pool.


After the question pool is saved, navigate to the Questions tab, click the Load questions button, and select the With images option.



The Load questions pop-up window will show.

In the pop-up window:

  1. Click the Excel template link to download the Excel template you will upload.
  2. Click the here link for detailed instructions on uploading questions with images.
  3. Check the skip-loading questions already in the pool option (not mandatory).
  4. Select the .zip file.
  5. Click the Upload button.



Note: To upload the questions with images to the pool, you need to create the Excel upload template and save the folder containing the images you wish to upload. You should place the images in a separate folder. Then, save the folder with images and the Excel template into the same .zip file.

Please note that each image name must match the Question ID in the Excel template file to successfully upload images to the questions. Look at the image below, and check how you should name the images saved into the folder.



After you save the images named to match the Question IDs, you can upload the .zip file.

The questions with images are uploaded to the created question pool.



Click the Preview option to preview the question, and check if the images are uploaded successfully.




Note: You can preview each question uploaded to the question pool and check if images are uploaded successfully.

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