How to change and reset password

This article explains how to change or reset your password and, if authorized, how to change the password of another user.

Accessing the My profile page

Select the Users tab in the left-side menu and select My profile.


Or, access your profile by clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the application. Then, click on the View profile option to open your profile.



The Information tab contains a side menu with four subtabs:

  1. Account information – contains necessary account-related information.
  2. Personal information – contains relevant users’ personal information.
  3. Password settings – a user can change their password here. An administrator can change any user’s password in this tab.
  4. Attachments – a user can add attachments related to their profile (e.g., CV, certificates, ID documents).


Changing the password

To change the password:

  1. Navigate to the Password settings subtab.
  2. Click the Change password button. 

  1. Choose the creation method:
    • Manually – You need to enter the password manually.
    • Generated – You will receive a generated password via email.

      2. Enter a new password according to the set criteria.

      3. Confirm the password by entering a new password again. 

      4. Set its expiration date – when you need to change your password again.

      5. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.



As an administrator, you can change the password of any user in the system, regardless of their role.
To do so, hover over the Users, select the User profiles, and click on the user’s username whose password you want to change.

Reseting the password

If you forgot your password, you could reset it by clicking on Forgot your password?.



In the pop-up window:

  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter the email address that is connected to your YouTestMe GetCertified account.
  3. Click the “Submit” button to request a password reset.



After the request is submitted, you will receive an email with your new password generated by the system.

Watch this video to see the detailed instructions on changing or resetting your password and another user’s password. 

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