How to change user’s personal information

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This article explains how to change a user’s personal information. You can edit any user’s personal information within the system, regardless of the role or permission he possesses.

Change personal information

To change user’s personal information, navigate the Users/User profiles. You will see the list of all users in the system.

Then :

  1. Search for a user whose personal information you want to change.
  2. Click the username to preview the user’s profile.

When you click on a username, the user’s profile will open in the new browser tab. To change the user’s personal information, on the “Information” tab, select from the side-menu a “Personal information” option.

You can change the following personal information:

  1. First name – edit the user’s first name.
  2. Middle name – edit the user’s middle name.
  3. Last name – edit the user’s last name.
  4. Date of birth – edit the user’s date of birth.
  5. Gender – Select the user’s gender from the Dropdown list (“Male”, “Female”, “Other”).
  6. Phone number – edit the user’s phone number.
  7. Affiliation – edit the user’s job title within the organization.
  8. Street address – edit the user’s street address.
  9. City – edit the user’s city.
  10. State/Province – edit the user’s state/province.
  11. Country – edit the user’s country name.
  12. Zip-code – edit the country zip-code.
  13. Organization – edit the organization name whose the user is a member.
  14. License expiration date – edit the teaching license expiration date.
  15. Click the “Save” button to save the changes.
  16. Click the “Cancel” button to discard changes.





NOTE: You can change other users’ personal information and your own as well, and it depends on the set of permissions your role in the system carries.

Change your personal information

To change your personal information, navigate the Users/Account.

On the “Information” tab, select from the side-menu “Personal information” option. The next step is to follow the procedure explained above.

The set of permissions needed for changing the user’s data

To change the user’s data, you need to have specific permissions assigned to your role. To assign the permissions, navigate the Users/Roles and permissions.

Then, click the “pen” icon to edit a role.

After it under the “User permissions” category, select the following permissions:

  1. Change your personal information (Permission 13.)
  2.  Change other user’s personal information (Permission 14.)

To save the changes, click the “Update” button.


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