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How to contact support within the application

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The article explains the procedure of contacting support from the login page and from the home page.

Access the “System support” tab to customize support contacts

The first way you can set up the system support parameters is to access the “System support” tab from System/System settings/System support.

Fill in all the fields with necessary information

When you reach the System support tab all you need to do is to fill the fields marked on the picture below.

You  will need to fill the following fields to successfully contact system support from the home page:

  1. Purpose of mail – Describe the purpose of an email and phone call.
  2. Email – Provide the desired support email address. The “Email” field is mandatory, and it will be the default
    email address.
  3. Phone number – Provide the desired support phone number.
  4. Additional info text– Here you can provide useful details related to the reason why you contact the support. For example, what is the expected time for an email response to the customer’s issues or business hours when support is available, etc.
  5. The “Confirm” button will save the changes.
  6. “Cancel” button will delete everything entered before saving.

Contacting support

To contact support click the “Contact support” button on home page.

  • Users will see ‘’Contact application support’’ window with the information that you provided, and fields
    where they need to enter their credentials and ask you a question. They need to choose one of the
    suggested email addresses.

  • All the fields are mandatory and need to be filled in with the necessary information, except the “Your phone number” field.
  • In the “Send email to” field, the user needs to choose one of the suggested email addresses.
  • In the “Your name” field, the user needs to enter his/her name.
  • In the “Your phone number” field, the user may enter his/her phone number, but it isn’t mandatory.
  • In the “Your email” field, the user needs to enter his/her email address.
  • In the “Subject” field, the user needs to enter the reason why he/she contacts the support.
  • In the “Message” field, the user needs to enter the questions that he/she wants to ask the support.
  • After the user enters all the information and clicks the “Send” button, a mail will be sent to the
    the email address that you chose as mandatory (default) on the System/System Settings/System support tab.
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