How to create a testing location

This article explains how to create a testing location.

About testing locations

Creating a testing location facilitates scheduling tests. Combined with the testing sessions feature, it allows the effective creation of tests for different user groups at different locations. 

Each location can be a physical location or a virtual room. It has a predefined time zone and assigned proctors who supervise the test.

If you select the location when scheduling a testing session, note that all settings of the testing location will be applied to the testing session, particularly:

  1. The proctors assigned to the location automatically become the proctors of that testing session.
  2. The time zone of the location automatically becomes the session time zone.

Accessing the page

Hover over the E-testing center tab in the left-side menu and select the Testing locations tab.

Page layout

On this page, you can:

  1. Click the Load locations button to load locations with addresses using the predefined excel template.
  2. Create a new testing location by clicking the Create new button.
  3. Preview a list of all locations in the system (created by you or other users).
  4. Preview a list of locations you created.
  5. Edit the existing testing location by clicking the Pencil icon in the Actions option.
  6. Specify the address of the location.
  7. Define location rooms.
  8. Create a common testing session for all assignments conducted at this location.
  9. Open a calendar to preview the testing schedule for this testing location.
  10. Delete the current testing location by clicking the Trash can icon in the Actions option.
  11. Download a list of testing locations by clicking the Export as Excel button
  12. Download a list of testing locations by clicking the Export as PDF button.

Creating a new testing location

After clicking the Create new button, you should fill in the following fields in a pop-up window to create a new testing location:

  1. Name – enter the name of the testing location.
  2. External ID – enter the external ID of the testing session optionally.
  3. Time zone – choose a time zone corresponding to the testing location.
  4. Description – enter the description to provide more information about the testing location.
  5. Define capacity – select Unlimited or Set limit to the capacity of the desired testing location.
  6. Upload – Upload a picture for the desired testing location optionally.
  7. Create – click the Create button to save the new testing location.
  8. Cancel – click the Cancel button to discard the testing location in the creation process.


Assigning proctors to a testing location

To assign proctors to the locations, select the E-testing center tab in the left-side menu and select the Common sessions tab. Select the desired common session.


Select the View all/Edit option to open the dialog from whom you will choose the proctors for the desired common session.



When a created location is assigned to a testing session, the proctors for that location will automatically become the session proctors as well.

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