How to generate a report on the test result by locations

This article explains how you can generate a report on the test result for each candidate but broken by location.

Required knowledge for understanding this article: 

How to create a simple test.

How to create a testing location.

Accessing the summary report

Navigate to the Tests and select the Manage tests option.



  1. Use the search bar to find the test.
  2. Click on its name to open it.

Previewing testing sessions and the location of each

  1. Clicking on the Test sessions tab.
  2. You can see all testing sessions and the location of each.
  3. Click on the Summary report tab to display basic information related to test attempts.


Summary report – page layout

The summary report is divided into six sub-sections:

  1. Thick the checkbox to summarize
  2. Statistics by testing sessions.
  3. Statistics by testing locations – if one location is in multiple sessions, the total score for that location will be displayed.


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