How to sort and filter Assignments

This article explains how to use sorting and filtering on the Assignments panel to find particular tests, surveys, or training courses. This panel is available to all users regardless of their role in the system (e administrators, instructors, students, proctors, etc.).

Sorting and filtering My assignments

To access your assignments list, click the Assignments tab in the left-side menu or select Assignments on the homepage in the Quick actions panel.



Note: The screenshot above shows the administrator’s perspective of the homepage. Therefore, a view may be different for each role.

When you click on the Assignments tab, you will be presented with tabs containing the list of tests, surveys, and training courses assigned to you, depending on which tab you click.

Filtering My Assignments

You can filter tests, surveys, and training courses:

  1. By status – Filter the assignments by status by selecting the status from the drop-down list (choose available, upcoming, pending, completed, suspended, or expired).
  2. Availability first -Filter the assignments you want to be displayed by the availability of assignments (Alphabetical order, creation date, session date, etc.).

Availability first

  1. Available first – displays the assignments available for taking first.
  2. A → Z – displays the assignments in alphabetical order.
  3. A ← Z – displays the assignments in reverse alphabetical order.
  4. Newest first – shows the newest assignments first.
  5. Oldest first – shows the oldest assignments first.
  6. Session start date – Session’s earlier start date.
  7. Session start date – Sessions’ latest start date.
  8. Self-enrollment first – first shows the assignments with an open-access, where users can enroll themselves without requiring the test manager’s assignment or approval.
  9. With certificates first – first displays the assignments with certificate.


Filter by status

You can filter your assignments by status. The status refers to the availability of the assignment. The default filter displays currently available assignments, but you can choose between any of the following:

  1. Filter by status – displays all assignments.
  2. Available – displays only active assignments that are available for taking.
  3. Upcoming – displays scheduled upcoming assignments.
  4. Pending – displays the assignments that have not been completed or need to be evaluated by the assignment manager.
  5. Completed –  displays the completed assignments with their reports and the ones that can be retaken or continued if allowed.
  6. Suspended or expired – displays the assignments that have been suspended by the assignment manager and are no longer active or those whose testing session has expired.



For a video tutorial on how to sort and filter the list of Assignments, please watch the video.

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